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We're starting the conversation about a tactic that brings a flood of caregiver applicants to your company. 

The secret to this tactic is simple but incredibly effective, and can make a huge change for your recruitment results.

You want your audience to be clear that you’re not like the rest, you’re not there to beg and plead for someone to apply with your company.

The cool part is it’s human nature to connect what is scarce or harder to attain w/ having more value.

Would you like to turbo-charge applicant response rates from the messages you leave?

Here’s how.


Obviously there’s gonna be calls and situations where you truly cannot help.

BUT…9 times out of 10, it’s usually never just 1 Thing.

I was talking to a coaching client who was wanting to drive more referrals. She told me how she was taking action, but was frustrated with the lack of results.

As I dug into her issue it became clear that one thing (of many) that she was missing was a sequence... 


Millennials demand a different business model…if you hope to attract and retain them long term.

Fail to change the way you attract, manage and retain Millennials and you too will get smacked by the Millennial hammer.  

Let’s face it, no one wants to tell an interviewer about how they were “bad” at a previous employer. No one likes to make them self look bad.

To overcome the natural instinct of humans to make him or herself look as good as possible, I assume the worst... then let the truth come out.

Humans have the inbuilt desire to belong to a group…it’s just part of us.

Accordingly, there is huge value in creating your own caregiver group (Tribe) and making sure all your caregivers feel like they are a part, a member of it.