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For 24+ years of being a home care owner and business coach, I have continually developed, tested and vetted the newest and radically different home care techniques, systems and solutions. So much so that I’ve become known as The Mad Scientist of Home Care

I create radically different, pharmaceutical grade solutions to your BIGGEST recruitment, retention and marketing nightmares… 
in what I call my Home Care Lab. I then deliver them to you through my Magnetic Strategies emails. 

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Typical Results From The Mad Scientist of Home Care

“Over 320 applicants in less than a week…”  

“We drove 243 applicants in 10 days…”

“…doubled our applicants in less than a week…”

"So far we've gotten 175 applicants in 17 days..." 

“Staffed over 200 new client hours from that 1 ad…”

"...went from spending about $800 a month on ads to now spending $210/month with better applicant flow and hiring 

"...I just put up a new ad on indeed following your outline - and got 3 applicants within 5 minutes - all for $1.18!"

A Small Sample Of The Companies That Have Benefited From The Mad Scientist
Kyle Beck
Visiting Angels

After watching Leigh speak at our annual conference, I knew that I had to have a 1 on 1 conversation with him to sharpen our recruiting/retention processes. In an industry that is becoming harder and harder to find solid caregivers, Leigh brought with him his experience along with clear-cut strategies on how to increase performance and how to implement them in an efficient way. Leigh is on top of all the latest and greatest tactics that must be implemented for you to survive in your business, and was happy to share them. He broke down numerous success points and was incredibly engaging in doing so. If you haven’t seen Leigh speak or have had the opportunity to speak to him on how to make your company better, I highly recommend that you do that ASAP
Roger L. Benedetti
RPh, BPharm – Hibernian Home Care

Caregiver recruiting is a struggle for everyone in home care. However, Leigh presented not only a detailed approach, but did so with positive energy which was quite refreshing. Leigh not only provided an expert’s opinion based on his own research, but also offered feedback from an elevated view on my agencies strengths and weaknesses. Leigh provided hope that it is possible to conquer the ongoing caregiver recruitment and retention challenges.
Thanks again, I truly appreciate.
If you want to grow your business WAY beyond where it is today... 
And not have to spend countless hours hoping and praying you can hire enough caregivers and drive enough new clients and patients, this is exactly what you need.

Not only will you have cutting edge, recruitment, retention and marketing solutions, you will get the exact solutions you need, to solve YOUR problems.

Imagine having solutions that were developed by someone that understands your specific needs and problems...and has the latest techniques and methods to solve them, fast.

And rather than being being fed outdated or "industry standard" information, instead, you get solutions and systems straight out of Leigh's Home Care Lab, that are working right now.
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