Want To Quickly and Easily Run "Magnetic" Job Posts That Generate A Reliable Stream Of 
More AND Better Caregivers?

Job Post Masters Gives You A Steady Supply Of Magnetic Job Posts So You Can...

  • Quickly Attract More of the Right Caregivers…and REPEL more of the wrong ones.
  • ​Staff MORE billable hours faster and easier – so you can grow your revenues.
  • ​​Remove the frustration of running job posts, that DON'T WORK.
  • ​Get more time back, so you can focus on other projects.
  • ​Get rid of the stress wondering if your staff is actually running Magnetic job posts.
  • ​Forget re-training new employees on how to run the right ads - we give them to you.

Job Post Masters does the hard work for you. 

We literally give you the top producing caregiver job posts every month.
You simply insert YOUR agency info and details - which allows YOU to also attract a steady 
stream of more AND better Caregivers.

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With Job Post Masters You Also Get Nearly 
$5000.00 Worth Of Bonus Programs...FREE

Advanced Solutions Circle - $1,500.00/Year - FREE

This game-changing, Members Only program gives you - and your team - 24/7, 365 access to…

• Radical, out-of-the-box techniques, processes, books, courses, videos and systems that work.
• Methods that set your home care agency apart from the “herd” of competition and attract a steady stream of new caregivers, referral partners…and referrals.
• The latest tools, processes, systems and techniques that you can copy, paste and use in your home care business.
• A continuous, ongoing supply of the latest proven methods that work – delivered to your mailbox AND inbox every month.

Applicant Conversion Jumpstart - $500.00 - FREE

• Learn what it takes to break through the clutter and REALLY get applicants’ attention.
• Discover the secrets developed by a 2+ decade home care veteran, that typically yield a 100-3.700% increase applicant response, in less than 2 weeks
• Uncover the simple (and little known) tricks that let you to “call out” to your ideal candidates.
• See for yourself just how easy it is to drive a steady FLOOD of applicants from your recruitment ads.
• Find out what’s wrong with your recruitment ads…and how to fix them.

CERP - Complete Employee Retention Program  - $450.00 - FREE

• Learn how your first phone conversation with applicants sets the tone for their entire employment history 
• Learn valuable warm-up techniques that get laser-focused interview information 
• Discover how 4 odd tests can give you shocking information about applicants 
• Find out how to become an applicant’s “partner in crime” and unleash the REAL applicant 
• Get dozens of laser-focused behavioral-based interview questions 
• Discover real-life detective skills to read body language and reveal the hidden signals of lies 

The Job Post Trends Report - $900.00/Year - FREE

• This $75.00/month program delivers a behind-the-curtain look from the Home Care Lab at the changes and issues and revelations we’re uncovering.
• What are the newest trends, algorithm changes, keywords?
• What’s happening “out there” in society, politics, holidays…that can help you tweak your job posts – for maximum response.
• Information you need to know BEFORE you run your next job post.

Recruitment and Hiring Industry Data Access - $1,500.00/Year - FREE

• What is the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting about the industry?
• What new data has the Department of Labor produced that directly impacts YOU?
• What trends have Indeed and Hireology identified that are affecting job post response?
And More…
• Get the newest and latest data…that directly impacts your business, and your success.

57 Points To Caregiver Quality - $50.00 - FREE

In this book you will...

• Learn how your first phone conversation with applicants sets the tone for their entire employment history.
• Learn valuable warm-up techniques that get laser-focused interview information.
• See how time is your best friend when gathering information from applicants.
• Discover how 4 odd tests can give you shocking information about applicants.
Nearly $5000.00 Worth Of Bonus Programs...FREE
Fill In The Info, Click and... 
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about this time, energy and money saving service!
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