Want Your Recruitment & Retention Struggles To Vanish?

Solutions That Will Help You Attract and Hire More (and Better) Caregivers. Guaranteed.
"Can’t thank you enough for the amazing week we have had. You are amazing.
Leigh, all I can say to you is, WOW!
Your methods work. "
Becky Moultrie
Assisting Hands Owner
"Want My Team To Run ALL Of Your Recruitment Ads For You?"
Do you wish you could drive a steady, reliable stream of new caregivers and NEVER AGAIN worry whether or not your recruitment ads are generating enough quality applicants?

If so...keep reading.

Did you know that traditional home care recruitment and retention, is DEAD?

It’s true.

The problem is the home care industry is currently using outdated, antiquated recruitment and retention methods that were developed in the 1940s, 50s and 60sfor Baby Boomers.

The home care industries current model of caregiver recruitment and retention is broken, dead.

To make matters worse, owners typically have ZERO training or experience in crafting recruitment ads that:
1 - Integrate key psychological drivers
2 - Address emotional hot buttons and
3 - Tap into the core motivators of today’s caregivers

Which means you’ll NEVER attract enough caregivers to consistently cover all your clients’ hours, unless something changes.

Since starting my own home care company back in 1996, I’ve devoted decades to understanding why our current recruitment and retention systems are failing – and developing NEW tools that do work.

In my “Home Care Lab” I research, test and develop the newest, sometimes outrageous, methods and techniques.

Like you, I used to feel absolutely frustrated with the dismal response the “normal” recruitment ads were generating.  It felt like it was impossible to attract enough quality caregivers.

Then (after years of research, testing and development) I found ways to create new recruitment methods and techniques that worked…methods that continue to drive more AND better qualified caregivers - not just warm bodies.

This Brand New Service is currently solving home care owners’ biggest, hairiest caregiver recruitment nightmares AS WELL AS their frustration and overwhelm, in a very unique way. 
Applicant Automation
Everything-Is-Done-For-You: With this industry-first service, my Home Care Lab Team, crafts, develops and runs your recruitment ads for you 5 days a week.

• We drive a steady stream of applicants to you using your existing recruitment platforms.

Monday thru Friday we do the work and give you and your team more time, brain-space and freedom.

We implement my Magnetic recruitment methods (developed over the last 25 years) that are solving home care owners’ biggest caregiver recruitment nightmares, right now.

We remove the extra work and stress of running the ads and then praying they produce.

Save Money: Applicant Automation costs FAR less than hiring even a part time recruiter.

My team becomes an integral part of your company’s recruitment team.

More Time and Freedom: We give you and your staff more time to focus on other, critical, issues

Less Stress
 - No more re-training new employees
 - No more praying your recruiter ran the “right” ad
 - No more playing blind archery
 - No more guess-work with your recruitment ads

Protected Territory – As an Applicant Automation Client you will receive an exclusive protected territory.  We will not accept other Applicant Automation clients that operate in your Protected Territory - meaning ONLY YOU have the Applicant Automation advantage in your territories. Game Locked.

Applicant Automation typically achieves a 100-3,700% increase in applicant response (in less than 2 weeks) and usually saves you money in the process.

And I offer you the World's Best Guarantee...

If after 30 days you’re not seeing the results you want…cancel services and I’ll refund your money – absolutely no risk to you.

Applicant Automation is a limited opening service. My team cannot provide this type of intense, detailed service for everyone.

Click BELOW to Apply...and see if you qualify for Applicant Automation.

1-on-1 Advanced Coaching: Ready to super-charge your revenues? Mr. Davis is your personal Action and Accountability coach, ensuring you maximum results.

Mr. Davis is the world's leading expert on caregiver recruitment, retention and long-term home care success.  He is a 25 year home care veteran, and still an owner.  Mr. Davis quickly gets to the heart of your problems...and helps you solve them, fast.

Not for the faint of heart, each coaching session is a deep-dive into the biggest problems in your agency...and fast-tracking solutions to solve them.

You'll get a no BS, get-it-done approach to solving your biggest problems, and growing your revenues.

Learn what's working now in the home care industry, solving problems for home care agencies across America, delivered to you in each coaching session.

This select program is only for home care owners generating between $500,000 and $5,000,000 annually. 

Are you ready for a new level of success?
Advanced Solutions Circle (ASC): Thispremier membership is  for home care owners that are serious about training their ENTIRE team...and growing their home care business.

This game-changing, Members-Only program gives you and your team 24/7, 365 access to an exclusive library full of articles, videos, and resources.  

For less than the cost of dinner for the family you'll be able to read, watch and implement these tools and resources - quickly - in your own home care business.

Radical, out-of-the-box techniques, processes, books, courses, videos and systems that work.

Magnetic Strategies that set your home care agency apart from the “herd” of competition and attract a steady stream of new caregivers, referral partners…and referrals.

The latest tools, processes, systems and techniques that you can copy, paste and use in your home care business.

A continuous, ongoing supply of the latest proven methods that I have developed and currently using in my home care lab. .