2 Great Solutions To Your Recruitment & Retention Nightmares

"We Do It All For You" 
A 1 Of A Kind - Turn-Key - Program 
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We have so many applicants, it is “all hands on deck”.

"We drove 243 applicants in 10 days in our little 100,000 population…”

“We were able to staff over 200 new hours with the caregivers we got from that ad…”

We have seen an incredible increase in applicants from Indeed since having the team at Davis + Delany “work their magic” on our job postings themselves and then posting them directly (outside of Hireology) on Indeed.

To be honest I do not completely understand how they do what they do and all of the inner workings of the algorithms that Indeed uses but I guess I don’t need to know all of that so long as the results are there.

Our posts went live with Indeed on May 3. I only have about one week of data but here it is below.

Wednesday, May 4 – 21 applications
Thursday, May 5 – 29 applications
Friday, May 6 – 9 applications
Total Indeed applicants for WE 5/8 was 65 applicants
Monday, May 9 – 27 applications

Feel free to check back with me early next week and I’ll have total numbers for this week.

Jeff Stone - BrightStar Care

As soon as I received the new postings and updated my indeed job posts it was like a light switch turned on and we started receiving all these applicants like we used to before we made the changes suggested to us by our indeed rep.

Our Indeed rep really felt like we needed to spend $1,500 at least to get what we needed and didn't understand that our office is new and just starting up so an extra $1,500 is a big expense for us.

We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Job Post Masters versus the more expensive option because we are still a small office trying to grow.

I'm very happy with what we've gotten out of the program so far and would definitely recommend this as an option for smaller offices just starting up.

Thao Ztemil - Assisting Hands

"Hey, I just wanted to say
thank you so much for working with
me last week because we are just
getting a lot of applicants
every day now I really really
appreciate it am I yesterday I had
like 11 and today I've got another 12
so thank you so much I really
appreciate it and um I will chat with
you later bye-bye.."

Zac Steiner – Right At Home

Hey Leigh

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the time you spent with us today. Not only was it an absolute pleasure speaking with you, but the information you have given us is greatly appreciated and so valuable.

I have written my first ad already and plan to write as many as I can, using this framework.

Recently it’s been like banging our heads against a brick wall and watching our hard work deteriorating, I feel a new energy and optimism following todays session.
All the very best to you and once again thank you.

Mike & Jo

Leigh, Thanks for your insights regarding our Indeed ad campaign!

The approach we discussed resonates, as it is focused on the applicant instead of who we are as an agency.

Applying this is a key shift that should remove that monotony that almost all other employment ads, have. Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me in a way that I could understand.

We will let you know the results!

Terry J. Ruch - Director - Visiting Angels

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to give you a shout out!
We've been getting some really great applicants this week. Thank you 🙏

Daniellah E. Salario, CDP, CSA

Good afternoon, reviewed all applicants and it definitely has made a change although we have less applicants I rejected only 1 from the applicants today and was able to schedule 4/5 interviews


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